travel experience

We talk about digital transformation but travel agencies are still managing trips as in 20th century. No kidding. Time to change.
The chat of the mobile application and the assessment survey that is asked to the travelers by the end of the trip.

How it works


Receive a booking
as a trigger

As MOGU is a post-booking experience tool, the agency should have a booking first.

Register a trip
in the platform

It is only needed to write a title, the dates and the countries that will be visited.

Share the code
with the clients

In order to access to the trip in the App and start enjoying the experience.

Engage with them along the trip

In terms of communication, loyalty or personalized recommendations.
App Features

Replace fragmented tools with an all-in-one space mobile app

Presentation of the tour guide
Introducing the coordinator of the trip in advance generates trust and engagement.
The introduction of the tour guide on the MOGU App.
Live Chat
A group of Whatsapp is not a solution; there are more efficient and secure channels.
The chat with the group on MOGU's mobile application
Maps & Group Location Tracking
Key when indicating  meeting points, transfers location, etc.
The location of the group in real time on MOGU's mobile application.
Trip documentation centralized
No one likes searching on the inbox all the trip information.
A list of practical information about the country given by the application to the travelers.
Real-time traveler insight analysis
Don't wait until the trip has finished to receive feedback
Collecting feedback from travelers in real-time.
Album to share pictures
Simple and easy way to boost loyalty and sense of community
A trip album where all the travelers of the group can upload and share pictures.
Travelers lists in one click
Essecial tool when the tourguide has to have access to travelers info or filter data.
A list with all the travelers information to which the tour guide has access to manage better the trip needs.
Statistics about group profile
The tour guide has access to a general overview about the group will be assisting.
Some statistics about the group profile.
Stamps per city visited
At the end of the trip the traveler will received the city stamps he gained.
The stamps that MOGU gives to the travelers they the trip finishes