Engage with your clients before, during and after the trip

MOGU is an integrated mobile app and desktop solution that provides travel agencies optimal real-time communications with their clients through all stages of the trip.

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MOGU is global
recognized travel App

Awarded most promising Travel - Tech Startup
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Monitor the trip activity and never miss anything

The Platform centralizes all the data generated in the App (billing, preferences, surveys) and enables the agency takes some of following actions:

Anticipate to clients needs
Compare and predict traveler's behaviour patterns
Export reports about trip performance
The dashboard of the platform from where the travel agency is able to monitor de trip in real-time
Mobile app

Deliver an end-to-end digitalized travel experience

This all-in-one space tool will allow you to stay connected to your clients and increase the value of your service.

Two views of the application of MOGU, the introduction of the trip and the form regarding traveler interests
action areas

We solve the main problems travel agencies face

Lack of knowledge about their clients

Agencies hardly ever know what are their traveler preferences, where they are or how they feel.

Decentralized communication

Notifications, itinerary or flight updates, feedback, etc. Information that has no channel to be transmitted

Excess of manual processes

The use of radioguides, dataphones, itineraries or surveys printed, increases the operating costs.

In-house digitalization difficulties

90% of travel agencies have just 6 employees and are not able to lead their own digital transformation.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can deliver a better service to your customers. See all questions here!
Can my tour guides use the App as well or it is just for travelers?

Of course! The App has two panels: for travelers and for tour guides, so that in group trips they are able to communicate with the travelers, charge them through the App and access to all the information.

What happens if I don't do groups? Can I still use the App with my clients?

MOGU is a tools to engage with travelers on all type of trip, so totally yes! In that case, as there is no tour leader in charge of the trip, the agency will received all the communication on the Platform.

How does it work the pay-per-use pricing?

Really simple. You just have to pay 4 € when each of your clients use the service. This means that, if you organize a trip for 10 people and only 6 ended up enrolling in the App, the agency will have to pay: 6*4 = 24€ in total.

What does it mean that this is a post-booking-experience tool?

This means that we don't form of the selling process. MOGU is a tool to engage with travelers once they are already your clients and the agency needs to communicate with them along the trip.