About us

We're on a mission to help travel agencies succeed.


Committed with travel agencies digitalization

Our values define us. They guide us in building and improving our product, hiring teammates, and serving our customers.
Tourism Chain Respect
We know our sector. That is why we are building a technology where each player interest's will be respected.
Privacy First
We collect, aggregate and structure travelers patterns data so that agencies can use it while respecting privacy.
Super Fast
No waiting in lines. No servers down. No dependency on technicals providers. Fast service that keeps your business on top!
Transparency Wins
This is a relationship. Let's be transparent and loyal. This means no hidden fees, no complications. We are easy.
Trend updated
The way we travel is constantly changing and sometimes it can be difficult to stay updated. Don't worry. We do it for you.
Integrations welcome
As it is in our nature to stay connected to others, MOGU's infrastructure is prepare to integrate easily third parties.

Our journey so far

Founded after 15 years of experience in the sector
MOGU was created by tour guides, travel agents and experts in the technological data and marketing field.
Build based on +20 guides and travel agent's constant feedback
We chose guides from different contexts and agencies to developed a technology purely based on their needs.
Awarded finalists at Tourism Innovation Summit
MOGU, out of 400 startups presented, was selected as one of the most innovating technologies for the travel sector
Raised 120K in our seed round from experts in the sector
More than 10 investor and business angels in the tourism and technological field joined MOGU's vision.
First commitment letters from leading agencies interested
Eventhogh we were not able to travel with our App due to the crisis, agencies signed our letters to use it in the future.
El Referente includes MOGU on its top startup ranking
A well-known and recognized newspaper in startup ecosystem believing in MOGU's potential.

Our Team

Sara Hernández
Co-Founder and CEO
Héctor García
Co-Founder and VP Strategy
Andrés García
Co-Founder and VP Sales
Fran Verona
Iva Tomic
Sales Manager
Santiago Acosta
Full Stack Developer
Carlos de Otto
Darío Regattieri
Founder & COO
Patricia Pantoja
Jefa y Coordinadora de Guías
Cristina de Bustos
CEO CITD Aeroespacial
Paul Blystone
Business AdvisorSan Francisco Bay Area
Javier Jiménez
Fundador y Director de FORST Escuela de Negocios Turísticos